Tata Power – Shinning for a green future

TATA POWER – Shinning for a green future. CMP – Rs 63 Market Cap – Rs 19900 Cr Why buy Tata Power The revenue of  the company is distributed into 3 segments – Power distribution – 44% Thermal and hydropower generation – 36% Wind and Solar energy – 7.2% Renewable Shift  Company has produced major of its electricity from thermal and hydro power plants, and … Continue reading Tata Power – Shinning for a green future

Lumax Industries : An EV disruption Proof Story

Market Cap-1,240 cr CMP- 1325 Industry- Auto Components Business Overview Lumax Industries is renowned company under the DK Jain group. It started as a trading company in 1945 and today it is a full-fledged provider of premium quality automotive lighting solutions for two-wheeler, four-wheeler, trucks, busses, tractors, farm-equipment’s and other various applications. It has a market share of almost 55%-60%. The company entered into a … Continue reading Lumax Industries : An EV disruption Proof Story

Financial Ratios

Here is the fourth article in the series Understanding Financial Accounting. There is a wide range of ratios that are used while analyzing the company but the basic ratio that every individual can understand with ease are as follows. This Article consists of some basic ratios that can be used by any individual for analyzing the company. Here are the 12 basic ratios that are … Continue reading Financial Ratios

Basics of Cash Flows Statement

Cash Flow Statement is considered the strongest pillar of the Financials. Cash Flow Statement helps anindividual to understand the rotation of money that takes place in the company So in our final part 3 of series Cash Flow Statement we will learn the basics from an analyst point of view and that will help any layman to understand the companies easily. So let’s delve deep … Continue reading Basics of Cash Flows Statement


NOCIL Market Cap- 1,660 cr CMP- 103 Industry- Rubber Chemicals Company Background NOCIL today is the Largest Rubber Chemicals Manufacturer in India, NOCIL’s involvement in the Rubber chemicals business is over 4 decades with a 45% market share. NOCIL is one of the few players in this business to offer a wide range of rubber chemicals to suit the customer needs. NOCIL is today acknowledged … Continue reading NOCIL

Basics of Balance Sheet (B/S)

A Balance Sheet contains the sources of funds for a company and application of those funds at any point of time. As is logical, sources of funds and their application must match at aggregate level, hence, both the sides of the balance sheet must match at all times (as also the name suggests). This is something that we all have learnt in our school level … Continue reading Basics of Balance Sheet (B/S)

Ultramarine Pigments Ltd.

ULTRMARINE PIGMENTS LTD Market Cap- 800 CMP-275 Why Buy Ultramarine The company has done no dilution in its share capital and zero debt. Fresh capex comes from the back of internal accruals in sector that is witnessing huge tailwinds and businesses/customers finding alternative to China. Inspite of being in specialized commodity business, the company has made consistent ROCE in last 10 years. Over 10 years, … Continue reading Ultramarine Pigments Ltd.

Basics of Profit and Loss Account (P/L)

Understanding Financial Statement Analysis in detail gives an overall overview of the company from an eagle’s eye.Here is the 1st part of the Financial Statement Analysis. Financial Statement is divided into 3 parts – Profit and Loss Account , Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement. The historical performance of a company is the initial parameter used to select companies for research and analysis in industries seen … Continue reading Basics of Profit and Loss Account (P/L)

Is India really a fiscally weak nation ?

Is India really a fiscally weak nation ? Gold Reserves with Central Bank The Reserve Bank of India purchased 52.3 tonnes gold in FY20 to augment its foreign exchange reserves, according to the latest data released on Tuesday by the World Gold Council. With this, it has entered the league of the world’s top-10 gold holding central banks. RBI currently holds 612.6 tonnes of the … Continue reading Is India really a fiscally weak nation ?